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About Hoshino

Hoshino Therapy® is the art and science of hand therapy developed by Professor Tomezo Hoshino, He originated a unique therapy that integrates the principles of acupuncture with the art of hand therapy.

Tomezo Hoshino

Tomezo Hoshino was born in Japan in 1910. He eventually studied and became a doctor of Acupuncture.

After developing tendonitis, Professor Hoshino discovered the pressure points on his own body and organized a sequence for evaluation, and a detailed procedure for treatment. Dedicating his life to the treatment and prevention of arthrosis, Professor Hoshino succeeded in incorporating his therapeutic concepts into medical education. In his adopted homeland, Argentina, the Hoshino School was officially recognized by the Association of Kinesiology as a postgraduate area of specialization.

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Bodhi F. Kocica, LMT

Dashi Chu Kocica

In the U.S., Bodhi F. Kocica, LMT, and his wife Dashi Chu Kocica, studied directly with Professor Hoshino for over 20 years.

The Kocica’s, along with their son Patrick, are the official Directors of the Hoshino Apprenticeship Program worldwide. Certification in Hoshino Therapy is offered to select licensed health professionals by apprenticeship in a clinical setting.

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Mauricio Cadavid

In 1998, I was invited by Patrick Kocica, a longtime friend since high school, to begin an apprenticeship program to learn Hoshino Therapy.

I studied under his parents, Bodhi and Dashi Kocica at the Hoshino Therapy Clinic in Miami, Florida for a total of 5 years. Another 5 years of experience would be required before I could proceed to receive additional training. In 2012 and 2013 I continued my training with Dashi and Bodhi, as well as Patrick, and was given the right to teach the basics.

I moved to Colorado and in 2011 began practicing in the Vail Valley area.  I was told to move there, as injury is prevalent, due to the extended amount of adventure sports (from skiing, snowboarding to stand-up-paddling and mountain biking). Through the application of Hoshino Therapy, the vast majority of my clients have received relief and a solution to their pain and bio-mechanical conditions. I have seen numerous people who have suffered from injuries and have had surgeries as a result. Using Hoshino Therapy, I have helped many continue to be active, as is the priority for most who live here!

In 2015, I began working at VIMG (Vail Integrative Medicine Group) in Edwards, CO. The focus at VIMG is predominantly injury and body maintenance, which has been a good fit for Hoshino Therapy. The therapy is complimentary with Chiropractor ctic work and physical therapy.

I’m now in Eagle-Vail in the “Vail Daily Building”, across from Route 6 Cafe, and am also available for house-calls throughout the Vail Valley. Hoshino Therapy is hard to find, as we are far and few therapists in the world, so I do my best to make it available! In the past, I have visited clientele outside of Colorado, when possible, and can do so with proper arrangements.

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The Need for Hoshino Therapy®

Today more and more people suffer from painful and disabling conditions that affect the moving parts of the body. These problems, which arise with advancing age, are to a great extent influenced by our sedentary life style and habits of poor posture and inadequate exercise.

We develop uncoordinated movement patterns that cause muscles, tendons, and ligaments to contract and harden. This can result in pain and restricted movement. This process of hardening or aging of soft tissues is called arthrosis and it is this condition that underlies soft tissue disorders such as bursitis, tendinitis, back pain, and muscular tension.

When left uncorrected for a period of many years, such conditions may eventually lead to degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis and spinal disc disorders.

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According to the state, massage therapists are now deemed essential!
Since May, Pam Shiffrin, with Local Revival, and I, have been sticking to the requirements needed to stay open and COVID safe.

We have been methodically sanitizing according to regulations for massage studios.

We are rarely there at the same time, and clients can maintain distance by extra time in between sessions.

There are HEPA filters and proper ventilation as well.

We are cautious about our own health, and hope for mindfulness in assuring you're feeling healthy when coming in for bodywork!

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