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Hoshino Therapy is proud to be the flagship provider of AO scan. We are the first in Vail Valley to offer the elusive service as a way to improve your bodily health in a targeted and precise manner. If you haven’t heard of the AO scan, you’re not alone. However, you might have heard of bio-resonance or bio-feedback. To briefly summarize, biofeedback is a therapy that is used to help harness control of your bodily functions using the power of the mind. The idea is that the more you become aware of your body functioning, the better equipped you are to gain more control. Researches still aren’t clear on how it works, but biofeedback sessions decidedly show the benefits of its implementation.

In the same vein is the AO scan, which is a similar frequency-based technology that helps optimize your brain and body functions. Presently, I am the only one in the Vail Valley offering scans for clients to track and gauge their frequencies. My scans are particularly convenient because they can be rendered on a handheld device. The device has frequencies corresponding to the human body programmed into it. As a therapist who believes strongly in adjusting each session to meet the needs of the individual client, the AO scan is another way to help me learn your body’s reactions and chemistry intimately, in turn, helping me give you a specified massage.

I offer scans at a convenient price of $80. Every subsequent session after the first scan is only $60 per week. To learn more about AO scanning, I’m happy to give you a full debriefing when you come for your session. More information can be found at for those curious about expanding their base knowledge. The AO scan is completely safe and exists to enhance your sessions.

AO Scan Lite HP
  • Full version of AO Scan INNER-Voice
  • Light version of AO Scan Vital Scan
  • Light version of AO Scan Comprehensive Scan
  • Frequency Optimization
  • Ability to perform remote scans!

Technical Specs:

A handheld health scanner with infrared camera, that enables AO Scan Mobile Software. With a 5.7” FHD display, water & dust proof, drop proof, wireless super-fast charging, Sony 16MP dual rear camera with 10 professional sensors, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, plus 128 GB SD card, 10,000 Ah battery, MediaTek Helio P70 Octa-Core CPU, Android 9.0, fingerprint security access, worldwide connectivity and much more!

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