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Sports Injuries

Benefits of Hoshino Therapy


Benefits of Hoshino Therapy include: Increased flexibility and range of motion; Relief of chronic pain; Improved posture.

Hoshino Therapy treats a variety of conditions such as: sciatica; joint pain and stiffness; carpal tunnel syndrome; frozen shoulder; tendonitis; ankle and foot pain; back and neck pain; sports injuries.

Arthrosis is the term that was developed by Hoshino Therapy to describe forms of arthritis. It is a broad term that is meant to encompass the hardening of soft tissue in the body. Hoshino Therapy is able to relieve this hardening, unlike other massage therapy techniques. Hoshino Therapy only uses the hands of the practitioner, and the client is responsible for no movement. It is necessary for the practitioner to apply the correct pressure with their hand, and apply it in the correct locations on the body.

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