Hoshino Therapy Prices and Specials

1 Hour Hoshino Therapy Session

$ 120
  • 1 Hour Hoshino Therapy Session that Includes Therapeutic Movement Exercises

90 Minute Hoshino Therapy Session

$ 150
  • 90 Minute Hoshino Session that includes Therapeutic Movement Exercises

Pricing Information Hoshino Therapy

Before briefly discussing our pricing opportunities, we feel it’s important to discuss our pricing in relation to the work we do at Hoshino Therapy. As a dedicated purveyor of the craft, I feel it is imperative to offer clients therapy and massage at an affordable price. Given the exclusivity of the Hoshino massage, it would be relatively easy to drive its price higher, especially because it’s difficult to come by. With that in mind, the goal of Hoshino Therapy is not to senselessly drive up the price in an attempt to make a larger profit. Ultimately, the reason I got involved in the industry was to present clients with an alternative massage, a massage that awakens and revitalizes unlike any other. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to find massages in any city around the world, but none have the immeasurable effects of Hoshino. Having practiced this Beaver Creek massage many times over, I feel strongly about gifting it in any way possible. As a result, I have opted to keep the price affordable and accessible to my clients. Many of my clients are athletes and depend on wide-spread accessibility. Moreover, here is our current pricing on our massage packages.
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Hoshino Theraphy

Your Beaver Creek Massage Price List

We currently book the Hoshino massage based on the length of time. In order to properly feel and experience the full effects of the massage, we recommend booking at least an hour session. Presently, we only offer a 1-hour or 90-minute massage. For 1-hour clients will be expected to pay $120.00. For 90 minutes clients will pay $150.00. Both Hoshino sessions come with intensive therapeutic movement exercises. For those who are wondering about deals, coupons, and incentives, we encourage you to regularly check our social media and other pages for information. You will see that we often run referral bonuses and other discounts when you buy your sessions in bulk. For more information regarding our promotions or running specials, call us for more information and we’ll be glad to inform you of our current pricing incentives. Come treat yourself to the massage Edwards CO athletes use for their body maintenance!

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