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Mauricio has 20+ years of experience as a therapist! In 1998, Mauricio Cadavid’s life changed forever following his participation in the Hoshino Therapy apprenticeship program hosted by masters Bodhi F. Kocica LMT and his wife Dashi Chu Kocica. To this day, the Kocica’s along with their son Patrick, are the official directors of the Hoshino Apprenticeship Program worldwide. Mauricio spent 5 years in Miami, Florida studying under their watchful eye and learning the intricacies and nuances of the massage technique  However, the process to get certified in Hoshino massage is rigorous and required an additional 5 years of training before Mauricio was certified to practice.

In 2011, Mauricio moved to Colorado to pursue his career. He was told Vail Valley would be an extremely lucrative location for his practice, seeing as many residents of the area are involved in athletics, particularly adventure sports such as skiing, snowboarding, paddle boarding, and mountain biking. 

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In effect, the Rocky Mountains would provide an ample amount of clients all looking for a massage Vail residents could easily access. In the years since he began practicing Hoshino massage in the area, clients have endorsed the service and corroborated its healing and preventative effects. For most people living in the Vail Valley, a life of movement is a top priority. Hoshino massage effectively helps residents get back to what they love and do so without added pain.

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In 2015, Mauricio began working at VIMG (Vail Integrative Medicine Group) in Edwards, CO. The focus at VIMG is predominantly body injury and body maintenance. Invariably, the practice of Hoshino massage integrated seamlessly with VIMG’s core mission of restoration and healing. As a result, Hoshino therapy became a complimentary service when paired with physical therapy and chiropractic work.

Today Mauricio performs his Eagle Vail massage services in the “Vail Daily Building” located across from Route 6 café. With proper arrangements and precautions enacted, Mauricio is willing to travel and make in-home calls. Given that the practice of Hoshino massage is incredibly exclusive, he feels it is his duty to make the massage available to a broader audience.

Having borne witness to its healing time and time again, he remains eternally passionate in regard to his craft. Try out the massage Avon CO locals can’t stop raving about for yourself!

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