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Are you injured, or have you suffered an injury that has left you in acute or chronic pain?Does the injury or pain keep you from an active lifestyle, or worse, from sleeping? Then Hoshino Therapy is for you! Brought to the Vail Valley, over a decade ago, by the sheer volume of outdoor activities and the injuries endured by locals and tourists alike, the therapy has been an ideal fit! Since its inception, the Japanese based bodywork has proven to be ultra effective in providing solutions to severe conditions, such as: Neck Pain; Shoulder injury; “Tennis/Golf” elbow; Carpal Tunnel; Low Back Pain; Hip & Knee pain. With countless examples of bio-mechanical issues, Hoshino Therapy offers a viable solution to pain. Whether you are needing relief or want to increase athletic performance, this very rare technique, is a gateway to health, healing, and rejuvenation in the Rocky Mountains.  Spearheaded by therapist Mauricio Cadavid, he offers a full hand, acupressure massage approach, that utilizes 250-290 acu-points on all the tendons of the body. The work differs from traditional eastern acupressure, in that dosage of pressure is case to case, point to point, as to ensure results without additional pain. With over 20 years of experience, and a legacy of two generations of  helping people recover and maintain from pain, Hoshino Therapy is time tested to work!

Located in the heart of the  Valley in Eagle-Vail, the location is convenient and easy to find, off I-70, in the Vail Daily Building, across from Route 6 Cafe!

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Our exclusive studio is open to all clients regardless of what they’re seeking. Whether you are plagued by long-term pain derived from a physical ailment, or are simply looking for rejuvenation/restoration, all are welcomed!

Visiting the Valley? Local? Our massage studio is available to anyone seeking relief and the healing benefits of Hoshino.

Hoshino Therapy Services all types of Physical Conditions

With roots in Japan, the Hoshino technique is an all-encompassing massage style that gently, yet assertively, confronts issues and tension in the body. Our studio is a welcome place for all who are seeking resurgence and results. Although the Hoshino technique is undeniably focused on physical touch, we aim to create an environment that promotes overall wellbeing through an integrated approach. Movement arts,  self-maintenance techniques, once again time-tested to assist in recovery or prevention, are also offered in conjunction with the treatment.

In our often compartmentalized world, we tend to forget that mental health and physical health are deeply ingratiated. As a result, the therapy does more than just pacify your tense muscles. The healing work promotes physical wellness, which in turn, puts the mind at ease. . Ultimately, when the tension begins to melt from your body, stress starts to dissipate from your mind. Hoshino offers an authentic pathway to welfare.

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Hoshino Therapy is a completely safe option for those looking to relinquish pain and issues. We have all the necessary credentials and certifications to work on your body safely and professionally. Unfortunately, many clients who go to non-reputable massage studios will find themselves subjected to further injury. At our studio we take our job extraordinarily seriously, as a poorly executed massage can cause even further bodily harm. When you work with Hoshino, rest assured you are in competent, qualified hands.

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A significant number of the people who come to us haven’t heard of the Hoshino massage style. Those who have heard of it, usually only know the extremely basic principles. To clarify, Hoshino is a unique, and results-based style of massage and acupressure that assists in the prevention and treatment of medical conditions. Fundamentally, it is preventative and encourages a proactive way-of-life. Hoshino combines the natural warmth radiating from the therapist’s hand, with the use of pressure-points that target stiffness, hardening of tissue, and sources to physical dysfunction, or misalignment.

The style originated in Japan under Tomezo Hoshino in the 1940s. It was used as a treatment for those with musculoskeletal pain, arthritis, and the reversal of hardening in the joints, connective tissue and muscles.  

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This homeopathic technique has greatly improved the lives of our clientele by relieving pain and promoting overall wellness. In our current day and age, there are far too many methods to treat pain that exist on a surface level. These same “quick fixes” often merely camouflage the issues, without doing the work needed to actually change outcomes. Although Hoshino has been found to produce incredible benefits, we do often encourage our clients to return for multiple sessions. We find our massage works best when it has the opportunity to regularly “tune-up the body. Repetitive maintenance is paramount for continued success, for general well being or to ski, bike, hike, golf, pickle-ball, etc. Given its preventative nature, we highly encourage those who play sports to try our services. Sports injuries in particular can be extremely jarring and hard on the body long-term. We recommend the an evaluation and initial treatment, to be able to see the validity of the work, plus continued treatments for up keep, and preventive measures. The approach is holistic and also compares to other  sports massage in Vail. Naturally, we see a lot of winter sports athletes who are prone to injuries and general wear and tear over time. We offer an affordable and proven solution that brings you back to health and wellness.

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Before relocating to the area, Mauricio Cadavid studied Hoshino in Miami, Florida at the acclaimed Hoshino Therapy Clinic. Starting in 1998, he studied under Bodhi and Dashi Kocica, the parents of his longtime friend who landed Mauricio the apprenticeship. After a decade of honing in the details to the technique, Mauricio moved to Colorado. A few early recipients of the work told him the Vail Valley area would be an ideal location to set up shop. Fortunately, they were correct!

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From that moment on, he relocated to Vail, Colorado and has worked in the massage and chiropractic industry since. A rarity around the world, Mauricio is one of perhaps 8 people remaining in the world who practice Hoshino Therapy. Due to its exclusivity, finding a place to practice the craft is vitally important. Vail Valley was an optimal destination due to its world-class athletics. Indeed, the area is home to some of the country’s best recreation all year round. However, with world-class recreation comes the inevitable issues with the body. 

Professor Hoshino pasted down the knowledge of how to perform the work correctly, and, with strict protocols, had a very high standard to uphold to become a full-fledged Hoshino Therapist.

Bodhi Kocica, and his wife Dashi, lived to these standards, and maintained the integrity needed to live up to Professor Hoshino’s accomplishments. For decades,  the Kocica’s provided a highly respected, result-based testament to the effectiveness of Hoshino Therapy. To this day, Hoshino massage is incredibly rare and thus highly sought after. As a result of over 20 years of repeated results, Mauricio has continued in their esteemed path.

Starting with a five -year apprenticeship, under-going a very thorough and extensive training program, my teachers, The Kocica’s, and Professor Hoshino himself, established a very high-bar of excellence in treating a vast gamut of problems. For decades, Hoshino Therapy has been known to help with hip and knee injuries, sports injuries, back injuries, sciatica, headaches, arthritis, and more!

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Accessibility is paramount to our operation, and we work hard to give our clientele affordable access to our massage. We often incentivize our clients by offering deals and discounts. For more information regarding the booking process, our protocol, and procedure, contact us today! 

Hoshino is proud to offer a massage Avon Colorado residents rely on for treatment and prevention. We are thankful to serve such a wonderful community and have found great satisfaction in practicing the healing art of Hoshino. Our studio and practice are driven by a genuine urge to serve others and help them find safe alternatives in their healing journey. We look forward to serving you and providing you an invaluable service proven to restore well-being. We’re here to answer your questions when you contact us today.