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We at Hoshino Therapy are most known for our specialty massage. For more information regarding the massage, the benefits of the massage, and our pricing, we have plenty of answers for you when you get in touch today. While we strongly encourage our clientele and prospective customers to reach out to us for their massage, we have since decided to open up our own shop. Welcome to our shop page! On this page, you will find a collection of products that we sell that are related to our craft and designed with you in mind. As masters of the Hoshino massage, we are eager to share with you our back to lifeboard

The board is currently our only product however, we encourage clients to check back regularly to see what we’re conjuring up for the future. Nevertheless, we’d like to give you some background on the board for those who are interested in practicing and learning the ways of Hoshino. We do recommend as usual to be safe when practicing any sort of massage or massage-related technique. It is always better to move slowly, get accustomed to, and approach these new tasks gently. Even something as seemingly innocuous as massage can be dangerous if not properly performed. Bring the essence of our Vail CO massage studio to your home when you purchase our back-to-life board.

When crafting the board, we wanted to be cognizant of our client’s needs and their willingness to invest in our tool. Creating products, especially as an independent business is definitely a practice in finding the right balance between affordable pricing and quality product. As with anything Hoshino Therapy produces, it is our desire to only formulate and sell products that are reflective of our high standards. Any product that you see listed here, including the lifeboard is procured with ethically sourced material and practices. 

In essence, you can rest assured that any product you purchase from our store has gone through the proper channels and been properly vetted for quality. We want our products to be durable, safe, and ultimately improve your quality of life as the consumer. Therefore, we put the same amount of pride into our products as we do our massages. For more information regarding our products or to book a Massage in Avon CO, we are available to discuss scheduling and pricing at your convenience.

Bring the Benefits of Your Vail CO Massage Home

We make it easy to bring the essence of the studio to your home thanks to our line of in-house products. Let’s begin by talking about the back-to-life board and how it can drastically help improve your aches and pains when you’re away from the studio where we offer all of our massage, Vail CO in-person services. The board boasts the following attributes. It offers relief for your back, reduced tension, and stress, and finally, it keeps your spine supple with increased vitality. Essentially, the board is a way to recenter and rejuvenate after you’ve had a session here at Hoshino. Likewise, the board makes an excellent companion to those who are seeking relief after a day on the mountain or an extra strenuous gym session. The board weighs 5 pounds and has the following dimensions 16x16x 4in. Making the back-to-life board the perfect portable companion for when you need serenity on the go. Our board is durable, optimized for long-term usage, and guaranteed to keep you feeling well during those difficult moments. The back-to-life board can be safely used by novices, all that’s required is for you to align yourself centrally. The curves will then apply a natural pressure softening the muscles. Our board is the perfect way to mimic some of the results you’d acquire at Hoshino Therapy Massage in Avon CO.

The back-to-life board is extremely easy to use and can be used at any time of your choosing. All you need to do is find a comfortable place that is spacious enough to accommodate you and the board. Once the back to life board has been placed on the ground, you may or may not want to set a pillow down to support your head. The key is to make yourself comfortable by any means possible. From there, all you need to do is lie and relax. The lifeboard will naturally open up the chest. Breathe deeply and allow the board to soften the muscles. If at any moment you’d like to rearrange and subsequently work a different part of the spine, the board will accommodate your shift. The board is a perfect mechanism to use between your Vail CO Massage sessions.

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