A Deep Dive Into Hoshino Therapy

At this juncture, you might have questions about Hoshino massage and how it works. Understandably so, as this rare type of massage is only practiced in a select few locations across the country. At its most basic, this massage looks deceptively uncomplex, however, in practice it requires a targeted approach that ties into pressure points and activating them through touch. When enacted by a professional, this massage can be preventative and healing. Due to its rarity, we encourage all of our clients to be wary of those who claim to practice. A reputable expert should be able to explain to you the nuances of the craft, and how it differentiates from other types of massage.
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Massage can be exemplary in its healing. Be mindful of clinics or studios that claim to fix problems with a one-time massage. This gentle craft requires a strict and concentrated discernment that can only be acquired from experience. Our Vail Colorado Massage practice is well respected and credible. 
Before we discuss the Hoshino massage and its inner workings, we’ll briefly describe where it originated from and how it came to be. Massage has long roots in many eastern countries, and unsurprisingly many styles arise from the area. Hoshino was developed by a man named Tomezo Hoshino in the 1940s. Originally, the practice was meant to target those with musculoskeletal pain and afflictions. Presently, it can still be used to prevent a lot of ailments and help keep muscles limber and functional. When founded, the science behind the procedure focused on the warmth expelled from the therapist’s hand. That natural warmth that radiates from the hands would meet the muscles, consequently softening them due to their heat. Many of these muscles had grown hard from dysfunction and regular usage. Hoshino believes that hands have the innate power and ability to sense the tendon and muscle stimulation, in effect, feeling the healing occurring. At Hoshino Therapy, we believe in this same principle which enables us to accurately identify the individual issues clients are suffering from. In a world filled with quick-fix schemes, we have all but forgotten the inherent power from perceptive touch.

Our clients come to us with a variety of different issues ranging from injuries to sports therapy. Furthermore, sports and injury often go hand in hand which accounts for the myriad of athletes we serve. As a result, we have become one of the most lucrative sports injury massage Vail Valley providers, helping countless athletes through their injuries.

We have helped many clients restore and rejuvenate broken, sprained, and painful tendons, muscles, and bones. In addition, Hoshino massage does wonders for those suffering from sciatica, bursitis, osteoarthritis, and various other ailments. It can promote a decrease in general pain that includes backaches, tension headaches, and general pain. The therapy may also increase flexibility and help prevent developing conditions such as issues derived from poor posture. What makes Hoshino so valuable is its ability to help issues across the body. Certain massage styles may target a specific area, or only promote a linear type of healing. With Hoshino, you receive a comprehensive style that targets pressure points that are found all across the body. In turn, you have a holistic method that helps treat a wide variety of body problems.

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The Hoshino Massage Vail Endorses for Health

The benefits of Hoshino are wide-reaching and nuanced, which has, in turn, made it extremely popular with our locals. In short, it can help with stimulating muscles, prevention, healing, and restorative practices. Hoshino has also been known to promote flexibility and a greater range of motion. As a result, making your body more limber and less susceptible to tensing up. Furthermore, it can assist with helping a variety of different body issues such as sciatica, joint pain, and stiffness carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, ankle, and foot pain, back and neck pain, and sports injury. By design, Hoshino Therapy targets problem areas thanks to the concept of arthrosis. 

Arthrosis is a term that was developed directly from Hoshino and accounts for the hardening of soft tissue in the body. Our distinctive massage was created to penetrate these hardening tissues and relieve the pain. Various other types of massage techniques have attempted to imitate but have been unsuccessful in replicating the results from Hoshino Therapy. In our style of massage, the client is only required to sit back, relax, and stay still. Our technicians then take over, expertly working within the confines and contours of the body to promote healing. The benefits of Hoshino are wide-ranging and vitally important to stimulating wellbeing and health. We keep this practice alive and thriving in the Vail Valley.

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